Video – Online Interviewing System Intro

About this project:

With a new Dean taking the role of leader of the Law School, we undertook to update some media assets that featured the previous Dean. This was one of those projects. The request to make this video came to me a little less than a month before the go-live date. Here’s a picture of the set:



In addition to inviting prospective students to come to the Law School for in-person admissions interviews, the Law School uses an online video interviewing system, so applicants can have an interview at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. Applicants watch a brief intro video, essentially a marketing piece, and then their interview begins. Someone comes up on their screen and asks an interview question, then they have 30 seconds to think about their answer, then their webcam comes on and they are recorded giving their answer. The video above is that intro, the marketing piece.

Each year we also recorded a new set of interview questions, with a new set of people asking them. (I’d link directly to one of those videos, but that would be giving away one of the interview questions, which wouldn’t be right of me to do. Suffice it to say, they’re HARD, stuff like “Tell me about a time you had a challenging work experience that left you feeling defeated. What was the challenge, and how did you overcome it?”) Imagine having 30 seconds to think of an answer, then being recorded giving your answer as part of an application – not easy!

Rather than just record the interviewers asking the questions against a white background as so many of these sorts of systems do, I always opted to shoot them on location around the Law School, taking the opportunity to to celebrate the look of the spaces around Law School. Here are a few frames as examples: