I love doing what I do:

Making something from nothing.
Helping put a face to the name, and a voice to the idea.

I love to dig my hands into a new project, idea, or challenge. Experience has taught me that a great deal of the most important work is done while the cameras are still in their cases: listening to the needs of clients for the particular project being discussed, working closely with them to formulate appropriate ways to get the right messages to their audience effectively, and collaborating as we imagine what kinds of visual material would convey those messages.

All of that sets the stage for, stacks the deck for, and makes room for the creative part, the fun, the play.

Then, on shooting days, clear expectations, impeccable preparation, and working with people to get the best out of them (while still respecting their valuable time) always result in recordings that are more natural and human, as well as being more palatable for the audience to consume.