Photos – Portraits of a Cybersecurity Expert

These were done to accompany a magazine article. One of the challenges of this assignment was that Marilyn works on the software end of cybersecurity, so it didn’t make sense to show her with the hardware that her company produces, or to put her in a data center of some kind. Her work can be done anywhere, and of course you’d never know to see her working at her computer what she’s connected to or what impact it’s having at a distance.

The art director and I discussed this as a possible cover option for the magazine, so I wanted to make sure that I came away with a strong vertical, of course, but also something that could work on a contents page and something for the interior of the magazine, too. Marilyn was so kind and sunny I couldn’t bear to walk away with ONLY the moody “cybersecurity” images, so we did a few that were a bit warmer, too.